Funding for St. Mary of Providence

Funding is the lifeblood of organizations such as St. Mary of Providence.  Sufficient funding lets us maintain and even expand programs that benefit our clients.  Insufficient funding means difficult decisions must be made that affect our clients, our staff, and ultimately, our community.

We are able to provide the wide range of services that we offer thanks to funding from:

  • The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
  • The Illinois Department of Human Services
  • Funds raised from Friends of St. Mary, an association of parent, siblings and family members of the St. Mary of Providence clients, as well as several supporting organizations.
  • Donations from generous individuals.

Funding from the Government finances 90-92% of our expenses.  Donations are vital in continuing our mission and commitment to individuals with developmental disabilities.  This year, State lawmakers are contemplating budget cuts that could affect programs such as St. Mary of Providence. Couple this with the challenging economic times we face and we know very well that every penny counts.

St. Mary of ProvidenceWhile the picture may not be rosy, we are believers in the Providence of God  – defined as “the wisdom, care, and guidance believed to be provided by God.” It’s also defined as “good judgment and foresight in the management of affairs or resources.” We like to merge these two definitions together to understand that God provides us with wisdom, care and guidance in order to use good judgment in our daily affairs. And for us, funding is one of our constant daily affairs. We trust in the Providence of God.

Throughout our history as an organization, we have grown slowly and steadily to accommodate the needs of our very special clientele.  As individuals from so many organizations ranging from the Chicago Police Department to the Knights of Columbus have recognized, our clients need and deserve the unique services that St. Mary of Providence provides.

You can make a difference in the life of a developmentally disabled person through your generous donation to St. Mary of Providence.  You can make a donation online, mail your donation, wire transfer or set up an individual agreement with us.

Please take a moment to find out how your donation can help us continue providing services and serving as an asset to the community.