Supporting Organizations

St. Mary of Providence has been blessed with the support of a variety of local organizations.  Their participation is an important element to the success of St. Mary of Providence and they are part of the St. Mary of Providence family.

Friends of St. Mary of Providence

Formerly, known as the Parent’s Association, the Friends of St. Mary of Providence consists of parents, siblings, relatives and friends and is the largest group dedicated to fundraising for programs at St. Mary of Providence.  Members of this group are truly dedicated “friends of St. Mary of Providence” and have lovingly provided funds for needed equipment, vehicles, and materials for the residential and day programs through their Annual Dinner Dance and other fund raising affairs.

Other Organizations

We thank the following organizations for their continued, spirited support for St. Mary of Providence and its activities:

  • The Chicago Police Department sponsors an annual picnic.
  • The Order of Alhambra, a fraternal organization of Catholic men, has provided tickets for various performances and also invites the residents and day clients to an annual picnic, dinner dance, and various holiday parties.
  • The Chicago Parks Department’s Merrimac Park hosts an annual “St. Mary’s Day in the Park”.
  • The Knights of Columbus provide a great deal of support as do a variety of other local community and charitable organizations from which the proceeds benefit the programs at St. Mary of Providence.